November 2010

First Ferrero Boutique inaugurated in Milan

First Ferrero Boutique inaugurated in Milan
Many years have gone by since 1942, when Ferrero’s first confectionery shop opened its doors in Via Maestra, Alba. 68 years on, Ferrero inaugurates its first Boutique in the heart of Milan, at 59 Corso Garibaldi.
From now through 6 January, the people strolling amidst the glittering windows of the capital of shopping, looking to buy Christmas gifts, are invited to live a new experience by visiting the modernly styled Temporary Shop and tasting the sweet specialties offered by Ferrero.
Via Maestra was decades ago, but characteristics such as superior quality, careful ingredient selection and the ability to keep creating new extraordinary specialties have remained the same: the same characteristics that have made Ferrero into the company that consumers the world over like best.
The new Boutique is a tangible, current expression of the creative tradition of Ferrero and its capacity to offer consumers a unique sensory and emotional experience. People visiting the Boutique are accompanied in a tasting tour - from the raw material to the finished product – by master confectioners who work the high quality ingredients with incredible skill and create Ferrero’s delicious and beloved specialties on the spot. Ferrero Rocher, Mon Chéri, Pocket Coffee, Ferrero Rondnoir, will all be available to consumers, who can make their selection and get personalised versions of the assortments, from the most classical to the newest and most exclusive, according to their personal taste and preferences, for a unique, inimitable gift.
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