Responsible approach towards children

Marketing and advertising principles


Ferrero has always believed in the fundamentale role of parents in educating children about a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

In Europe, Ferrero takes part in the EU Pledge initiative: a series of pledges for a responsible approach to advertising food products to children under the age of 12 on television, in print media and on the internet.

At global level, Ferrero applies the IFBA Global Policy on Advertising and Marketing Communications to Children, in line with which the Group, as a rule, does not target adverts for its food products, either on television, in print media or on the internet, at an audience that is predominantly made up of children under the age of 12.
In line with the actions at European level, from January 1 2013 Ferrero:
• applies the self-regulation standards and does not advertise its food products to audiences of which over 35% is made up of children under the age of 12;
• in light of the growing importance of digital, includes within its commitments also its own corporate websites.

Limited exceptions to such general rule can be made in certain countries or regions for products which fulfill specific criteria, based on accepted scientific evidence and/or applicable national and international dietary guidelines.


For this purpose, the factors to be taken into account are:
a. Guidelines and recommendations issued by International Public Health Authorities (WHO, FAO etc.);
b. national dietary guidelines, where applicable;
c. role of the product in the overall diet, particularly in the “Between Meals Eating Episodes” (BMEE);
d. limited kcal intake and positive micronutrients contribution per individually wrapped portion, as consumed;
e. choice of the product in the context of a balanced diet and lifestyle, including a sufficient level of physical activity.

A balanced diet is at the core of a healthy lifestyle: this is why we continue to create high quality, unique and tasty food products, offered to consumers in correctly pre-packed portions. We believe that our individually wrapped portions, the presence of raw materials naturally rich in nutrients of high value, our simple recipes and the organoleptic performance of our products are key elements which allow them to be part of the mid-day and mid-afternoon eating episodes. In fact, chocolate-based products and snacks, when consumed in the right portions, can legitimately be part of a balanced diet and of a globally healthy and active lifestyle. A truly balanced diet is not the one which simply eliminates certain foods, but it is the one that also includes foods that consumers enjoy eating, in the correct portions, in order to facilitate the retention over time of globally correct and lasting eating habits.

In line with the “IFBA Global Policy on Marketing & Advertising to Children”, Ferrero also commits worldwide not to carry out any communication related to its products in primary schools, except where specifically requested by or agreed with, the school administration for educational purposes.

Our Advertising & Marketing commitments are applied in addition to all statutory or self-regulatory requirements applicable in each market.

Ferrero actively participates in the external monitoring of its voluntary commitments in order to assess compliance levels with national, regional or global industry pledge commitments.