Core Values

The continuous commitment to the Group

About us

Our purpose, values and structure provide a strong foundation which continues to evolve in line with our global expansion, changing consumer needs and innovation of our products and packaging.

Ferrero has been built by generations of people who share a commitment to continuous improvement. Our core values provide the foundation for our purpose and are a guiding force for our people and suppliers as our Company continues to grow.

Loyalty and trust
Our loyalty towards consumers and the trust
they place in our products are at the core of the long-lasting relationships we enjoy with them.
Respect and responsibility
Based on respect for equality of treatment, we promote the professional and personal development of our people and strong relationships with local communities.
Integrity and moderation
Our communications reflect the values of human dignity, family and children in line with strong moral and ethical principles and a commitment to healthy lifestyles.
Passion for quality, research and innovation
Our goal is to create unique products through innovative research and production processes, careful selection of raw materials, and quality and traceability across our businesses.
Our success lies in our ability to establish a clear vision and be proactive with our investments, timely with our undertakings and excellent in our execution.
Work, donate, create
Alongside the Ferrero Foundation, the entire Ferrero Group engages in social responsibility activities as an integral part of our way of doing things.

How we do things

We live out our purpose every day through our