Ferrero - Advertising Images




1950s, Ferrero Junior, a line specially for children.


Picture card collection - 1950s themed picture card collection.


Mon Chéri at Picadilly Circus, London.


Canzonissima 1959-1960. Canzonissima 1959 New Year lottery.


Carousel 1960 - 1960s, Mon Chéri presents the memoirs of a diplomat in Carousel.


Jo Condor-1960s, Jo Condor and the good Giant in Carousel.


Mon Chéri - 1960s, Love sweet gift... Mon Chéri.


Bread and Nutella - 1970s, Bread and Nutella: a healthy, daily habit.


Pocket Coffee - 1970s, Where did the coffee go?


Kinder, 1970s, Makes peace between parents and children.


Fiesta - 1970s, Fiesta: so good it drives it crazy.


Sandro Mazzola - 1970 Sandro Mazzola for Brioss and Duplo Cioccolato.


Fiesta - 1970s, Fiesta: the snack moment.


Mon Chéri - 1970s, Win with Mon Chéri.


Mon Chéri - 1970s, Better than words... Mon Chéri.


Pocket Coffee - 1970s, "Bite" the chocolate to drink the coffee.


Pocket Coffee - 1978-80, Pocket Coffee: Drink a real coffee even when it's not there.


Baby Nut - What would the world be without Nutella?


Brioss - Cicocca - Brioss competition.


Cioccolibri - Now reading is delicious.


Nutella Estathè - Nutella Snack&Drink, the snack you eat and drink.


World Cup - Isolde Kostner, the energy of a winner.


Karen Putzer - Pocket Coffee, official partner of the national Women's Alpine Ski Team.


Kinder Surprise: Now Kinder is an egg too.


Kinder Pinguì - Pinguì refreshes your ideas.


Kinder Sorpresa: many new surprises.


Kinder Surprise: A delicious reward.


Kinder Surprise: Happy Birthday Kinder Surprise.


Pasqua Auguri. The big egg to give at Easter.


Pocket Coffee - Take your time with Pocket Coffee.


Ferrero Rocher satisfies the desire for something delicious.


Ferrero Siluet - The snack for your shape.


Tic Tac - Campaign with Michelle Hunziker, Fresh moments of pleasure.


Ferrero eggs - Win the great Ferrero competition.


Mon Chéri - 1960s, Everybody's happy with Mon Chéri.


Nutella Party.


Nutella: Mums, you know.


Kinder Paradiso aeroplane.


Kinder Surprise.


Kinder surprises: Ranaplà, Pandaparty, Coccodritti, Happydinos, Leoventuras.


Fiesta: I'm starving.


Kinder Happy Hippo.


Jo Condor.


Nut Jump.


Kinder Surprise: discover a world of surprises.


Kinder: more milk, less cocoa.


Kinder Surprise. The best milk chocolate and lots of new surprises.


Kinder Surprise and Disney surprises.


Now wishes become Christmas presents… with Mon Chéri.


Mon Chéri. Find the golden rose!


Prenez-donc un Mon Chéri.


Mon Chéri: Europe's best-loved praline chocolates.


Nutella: Fitness Festival.


Kinder nourishes kids like champions.


Ferrero Prestige.


Lucia Colò and Kinder Chocolate.




Ferrero Rocher. Magical goodness every day.


1950s, Cremalba, the forefather of Nutella.


1950s, Cristallina.


1950s, Ferrero Supercrema, the prototype of Nutella.