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Refreshing good vibes since 1969

Refreshing good vibes since 1969

The summer of love, Woodstock, the first man on the moon... and the birth of Tic Tac®, a revolutionary new mint that has stayed fresh for over 50 years!

A Global Brand

A Global Brand

After take off in 1969, the iconic Orange flavour followed in 1974. More new flavours were added and sales sky-rocketed. By the 1980s Tic Tac® was selling fast across five continents.

Rays of Positivity

Rays of Positivity

In 2022 Tic Tac® had a refreshing makeover introducing the “Rays of Positivity”. Made from the iconic Tic Tac® shape and radiating out from the logo, they represent our idea of radiating good vibes, one Tic Tac® at a time.

100 layers of gentle freshness

With their recognisable shape, Tic Tacs look so simple, but simplicity is a matter of care! Each Tic Tac® takes 24 hours to produce, as each one is perfectly shaped and coated. At the centre, there is a gentle heart that is wrapped in 100 layers of flavour. The original freshmint blends mint essential oil, finished with a unique vanilla flavoured touch.

Piedmont Mint: our special ingredient

Our Tic Tac® Freshmint tastes so good because of the unique peppermint that grows in Pancalieri, in the Piedmont region of Italy. The climate and soil there create a unique type of mint, which is delicately refreshing and uniquely delicious. The essential oil of mint is made with a low-steam distillation process with a traditional method, to deliver a special perfume, the refined taste, a sweet and rich profile.


New Tic Tac Fresh: refresh your mood with good vibes!

A new sugar-free range.
Enjoy the refreshing sensation of Fresh with cooling crystals.

Tic tac fresh


There's a Tic Tac for everyone.

There's a Tic Tac® for everyone.

Find your match!

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