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Leadership Team
Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Our global leadership and management team is guiding Ferrero's strategy and business while building on our heritage.


The Ferrero Group is one of the world’s largest sweet-packaged food companies with over 35 much-loved brands, Kinder®, Nutella®, Ferrero Rocher® and Tic Tac®, sold in more than 170 countries.

Since its founding in Alba, Italy, in 1946, Ferrero has been a private, family-owned company, now in its third generation. It is led by Mr Giovanni Ferrero as Executive Chairman and Mr Lapo Civiletti as Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

The Shareholders’ Meeting, Board of Directors, Executive Chairman and CEO guide projects and initiatives in line with the long-term strategic objectives of the Group.

Our leadership team at Ferrero drives how we develop policies and programmes to guide our practices and manage impacts at all locations where we operate around the world. Driving sustainability, reaching business goals and ensuring transparency across the Ferrero Group are central to our team as we evolve and inspire innovation. Discover how our collaboration with innovative minds and the use of the corporate governance model help us strive for excellence in everything we do.


The Executive Chairman, Mr Giovanni Ferrero, and his function focus on:

  • Reviewing and approving the Group’s long-term direction and strategy in line with our culture and values.
  • Defining new business directions and breakthrough innovations.



The CEO, Mr Lapo Civiletti, and his Group Management Team focus on:

  • Achieving short- and mid-term results per the Executive Chairman’s long-term direction.
  • Maximising our managerial capabilities to contribute to the definition of business targets in line with the long-term guidelines.


Organizational chart

Ferrero began its journey in the small town of Alba in Piedmont, Italy, in 1946. Today, it is one of the world’s largest sweet-packaged food companies, with over 35 iconic brands sold in more than 170 countries. The Ferrero Group brings joy to people around the world with much-loved treats and snacks, including Nutella®, Kinder®, Tic Tac® and Ferrero Rocher®. More than 47,000 employees are passionate about helping people celebrate life's special moments. The Ferrero Group’s family culture, now in its third generation, is based on dedication to quality and excellence, heritage, and a commitment to the planet and communities in which we operate.