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Kinder Joy of moving is a Ferrero Group Social Responsibility project that joyfully brings kids and their families closer to physical activity.


Kinder Joy of moving is a Ferrero Group Social Responsibility project that encourages children’s natural inclination to be active, move and play, in the belief that a positive attitude toward movement can make today’s children better adults tomorrow.

The project is inspired by Joy of moving, a scientifically validated educational method that, through play and movement, helps children develop fundamental skills to grow up active, grow up happy.

Kinder Joy of moving organises and supports physical education programmes in and out of schools, as well as sporting events for children and school competitions. It also runs multidisciplinary events to bring children closer to sport, collaborates with athletes and former champions to inspire youngsters, and supports research projects focused on the benefits of an active lifestyle.

Since the project was born in 2005, it has continued to grow with the aim of constantly improving and expanding its programs. In the last year the Kinder Joy of moving project has inspired 3.4 million children and their families in 34 countries and 131 sporting federations and associations around the world to get active, enjoy moving, and develop life skills in an engaging and joyful way.

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Growing up active, growing up happy

Kinder Joy of moving is increasingly present in the lives of children all over the world, with numerous projects with a high educational and social value that are designed to get children into sport.

The project is also aimed at families and the world of school, the environments in which children and young people learn and grow whilst moving and playing. Kinder Joy of moving events are dedicated to children, young people and their families, while teachers and educators can take advantage of technical equipment and specific educational programmes.

Kinder Joy of moving collaborates with families, as they represent the very heart of the educational function. A platform offering fun and scientifically recognised physical activity games has been created just for them, to foster an active life for children at home and during playtime.

Social responsibility programme

Ferrero’s Commitment to Local Communities

Our contribution to local communities through our Kinder Joy of moving social responsibility programme is an example of our continued support in the areas in which we operate, in line with our principles and values.

Kinder Joy of moving operates around the world with high-profile, qualified and expert partners, including Sports Federations and Associations, Olympic Committees, and ISF, the lnternational School Sport Federation.

Kinder Joy of moving also works with Institutions, Universities and Ministries, and in some Countries, offers specific projects that include the Joy of moving methodology as part of the school curriculum.

We collaborate also with private Companies and Non-Governmental Organizations committed to spread the same values and reach the same goals. It does so, to support the achievements of 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development Goals number 4 and number 17 of the United Nation.

We are partnering, for example, the NGO Save the Children in the US, Italy and Canada to support disadvantaged families ensuring children's right to play, education and a safe environment to grow up in through movement, education, and well-being initiatives.

We came on board Costa Cruises ships, engaging thousands of children from all over the world every year, with areas specifically dedicated to play and activities based on the Joy of moving method.

The Kinder Joy of moving Park is a new generation park dedicated to families at Vicolungo The Style Outlets in Italy, that offers children the opportunity to acquire or improve a range of skills by having fun, thanks to a ‘facilitating environment.‘


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A Unique Methodology

Joy of moving is an educational method born from years of research, tailored for children, available to families and educators.

Through play and movement, Joy of moving fosters the development of fundamental skills, helping children grow active, grow happy.

Indeed the methodology is designed to involve all aspects of the growing individual, in order to enhance autonomy and the ability to face the challenges of everyday life. Joy of moving instinctively shifts the focus from performance to fun, from competition to collaboration.

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The method around the world

The Joy of moving method is the result of a research project launched in 2012. The outcome was decidedly positive: the children adopting this methodology showed specific improvements in motor coordination, cognitive functions and life skills.

In 2015, the method was launched during Expo Milano and in the two years that followed, around 5,000 teachers were trained, and an important study was conducted on the replicability of the method on a sample of schools nationwide, promoted by the Ministry of Education. Such positive results led to Joy of moving being inserted into the curriculum all the Italian schools.

The methodology is now widely recognised and validated by credible organisations. It was for example included among European best practices promoted by HEPAS 2020 (Healthy and Physically Active Schools in Europe).

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Proven positive results

What followed were three years of extensive research and field trials, which involved over 1,000 kindergarten and primary school children in Alba and the Piedmont region taking part in games and movement activities at the Kinder Joy of moving Village in Alba. The outcome of the trial was extremely positive as those children showed specific improvements in motor coordination, cognitive functions, creativity and life skills.

The methodology is widely recognised and validated by credible organisations. It was for example included among European best practices promoted by HEPAS 2020 (Healthy and Physically Active Schools in Europe).

The Joy of moving method is now spread all over the world thanks to many educators who have undergone a specific training program on the methodology and important collaborations with public and private partners.

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