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11 Jun 2024
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TITLE Discovering the Joy of Moving
In today's fast-paced world, finding time to stay active is more important than ever. Physical movement not only enhances our wellbeing but also brings joy and connects us with others. At Ferrero, we know moving matters for the mind, the body and the soul, and for adults and kids alike. This understanding inspired the creation of Kinder Joy of moving.

Kinder Joy of moving, our global corporate social responsibility program, encourages children and families to get active, enjoy moving, and develop life skills in a fun and engaging way. Since its start in 2005, we have partnered with over 131 prestigious organizations worldwide, including five Olympic Committees and various sporting federations. Within the last year Kinder Joy of moving project has inspired 3,4 million children and their families in 34 countries around the world.

Activities within the Kinder Joy of moving initiative are driven by the innovative 'Joy of moving method', which was developed following extensive scientific research. Through this trialed and tested method, children learn how to move, interact with others and express their emotions. They train their minds, acquire self-control and develop creativity – all skills they can use each day as they navigate the world and learn more about themselves and others.

“Kinder Joy of moving is an international CSR project of the Ferrero Group, now reaching 3.4 million children in 34 countries. It was established to provide a natural connection for children and families to physical activity and sport, in a spirit of non-aggression, engagement and joy. This is a forward-looking approach, aimed at the development of children and their personalities, based on play and the joy of movement.” says Bartolomeo Salomone, Chairman of Ferrero

Pic of Diego  Latora

The Essence of Movement

At Ferrero, our commitment to fostering active lifestyles through Kinder Joy of moving goes beyond just numbers. It's the personal stories and experiences of participants that truly highlight the program's significance. We've spoken with individuals from every corner of the program – from children and their families to the trainers and partners who bring our activities to life. Their insights reveal the profound effect Kinder Joy of moving has on communities around the globe.


Diego Latora is one of our specialist trainers, based in the Joy of moving Village in Alba, Italy, where the methodology (and Ferrero) was born. It’s both a sports center and research laboratory for innovation on motor activity for children.

Kinder Joy of moving encourages children to move in a joyful and fun way, while also developing important key skills. All games are completely inclusive and designed so that each child can explore their potential, rather than just being competitive. It allows children to explore, express, and innovate, while raising their motivation and interest towards movement and physical activity in later stages of their life.
The Joy of moving network consists of diverse programs, each uniquely tailored. We collaborate with ministers of education and universities, running training on the method for students and school teachers. We’ve also partnered with sporting federations, with the goal of enriching the quality of their programmes; and we have partnerships with global organisations and private companies that share the same values. All of the above are united by a common goal: to support children and families in challenging situations globally.

Building Brighter Futures

Kinder Joy of moving, in cooperation with Save the Children, is committed to creating a better future for the next generation. Our partnership aims to ensure children's right to play, alongside education and a safe environment to grow up in.

Save the Children uses the Joy of moving method in its Summerboost camps in the US, which help enrich the lives of children between the ages of 6-12 in underprivileged communities. The camps keep children entertained and active during the summer months.

Cathryn Miller is the West Virginia State Director for Save the Children US, where 34 Summerboost camps took place last year with more than 3,500 children and families. We asked Cathryn to share why Kinder Joy of moving is a good fit for the summer camps, she said “ The Joy of moving learning games are a perfect fit for Summerboost camp. Our goal is to teach children how to make activity part of their daily lives. The learning that comes from this and the demonstrations of how they can have fun and team build, and build upon those challenges to expand their thinking of how things build together is just a natural fit.”

Kinder Joy of moving Tennis Trophy

The Kinder Joy of moving program also champions international sporting events with the aim of creating a joyful experience for all people involved. More than a competition, these events provide a framework for promoting the positive values of sports and the importance of physical activity. The Kinder Joy of moving Tennis Trophy, is one such event. Matches are held without referees, allowing the players to field decisions themselves and increasing their autonomy and decision-making skills in the process. Guided by an educational goal of fair play, these events encourage participants to have fun, while promoting the essential values of relationship, friendship, and respect for one’s opponents and teammates.

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In 2023, the Kinder Joy of moving Tennis Trophy united 20,000 young players from 10 countries, showcasing the global appeal of our movement philosophy

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This event offered families a unique opportunity to forge new connections, emphasizing community and shared experiences

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Matches without referees allowed children to demonstrate integrity and honesty, reflecting our commitment to character-building through sport

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Supported by ambassadors and tennis legends, the 2023 tournament finale at the Rafa Nadal Academy in Spain celebrated every participant as a winner, embodying the spirit of inclusivity and achievement

Kinder Joy of moving park

In 2021, we expanded the Kinder Joy of moving initiative by opening a free-access park at Vicolungo The Style Outlets near Milan, in collaboration with with the Municipality of Vicolungo and Neinver - a leading European player in the outlet sector. This collaboration was driven by shared values focusing on children and families, as part of a collective Social Responsibility endeavor. This park serves as a dynamic play area for 5 to 12-year-olds, offering motor games inspired by the Joy of moving method, part of our commitment to encourage active lifestyles among children.

“We saw this partnership as an excellent opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of families and communities. The fact that the park is public and completely free of charge adds to its appeal, making it a preferred destination for families seeking a joyful and enriching experience for their children. The creation of this unique park, with its specialized equipment and activities, has not only provided a safe and exciting environment for children to play and learn but also brought the community together” said Marco Cicchetti – center manager of Vicolungo The Style Outlets, owned by Neinver Group.

If your aim for this year was to engage in more physical activities, it's not too late to start! Explore a variety of ways to get involved, from participating in local dedicated events, to following all the updates on our social platforms and getting inspired to move and play with your family at home or in parks.

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