October 2011

Ferrero inaugurates a new production plant in India

Ferrero inaugurates a new production plant in India
Ferrero opened a new plant in Baramati, a rural area 100 kilometres from Pune in the Maharashtra region of India.
Attending the inaugural ceremony, besides Giovanni Ferrero, CEO of the Group, ambassador Francesco Paolo Fulci, and representatives from Ferrero’s top management, were Italy’s ambassador to India Giacomo Sanfelice and the General Consul Giampaolo Cutillo.
Extending over an area of 28,000 sqm, which includes the production rfacilities, a warehouse and service areas, the plant will produce Kinder Joy eggs and Tic Tac mints using locally sourced raw materials and packaging materials, and will provide work for ca 1300 people (80% of them women) residing in the proximity of the plant. This is a great opportunity for these people who will profit from stable, well-paid jobs and will have access to top-notch professional training as is habitually provided by the Ferrero Group to its employees.
The new Indian plant is further evidence of the work done by Ferrero as part of its Social Enterprise Initiatives scheme to improve people’s quality of life, living conditions and development in the underprivileged areas of the world.
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