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04 Apr 2017
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Ferrero welcomes the new Report on Palm Oil and Deforestation, voted today by the EU Parliament.

Specifically, it agrees on the need of robust certification standards for palm oil and welcomes the EU Parliament recognition that “…strong standards for responsible palm oil production including those developed by the Palm Oil Innovation Group (POIG) are already available...1. Ferrero is POIG member since 2015.

The EU Parliament also recognizes that the High Carbon Stock (HCS) Approach supports the production of sustainable palm oil in providing a set of rules for the implementation of companies’ commitments to “no deforestation” in their palm oil operations and supply chains.
Ferrero endorsed the HCS Approach in 2015 and integrated it in its own Palm Oil Charter and requires its suppliers to comply with.
Furthermore, Ferrero supports the EU Parliament’s call on the Commission, and all Member States who have not yet done so, to demonstrate their commitment to signing and implementing the Amsterdam Declaration ‘In Support of a Fully Sustainable Palm Oil Supply Chain by 2020’.
Finally, Ferrero underlines that a fully sustainable palm oil sector will only be possible through multilateral dialogue and cooperation involving all stakeholders.