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Our commitment to sourcing hazelnuts sustainably

Hazelnuts are a key ingredient in many of our iconic products, and we're committed to concrete actions to help create a more sustainable hazelnut supply chain. ​

The hazelnuts we use are mainly sourced from Turkey, Italy, Chile and the United States. We only source hazelnuts from suppliers that have signed and follow our Supplier Code which specifies our standards regarding human rights and social practices, environmental protection and sustainability, and supplier transparency.  ​

Our ambition is to achieve full global traceability of the hazelnuts we use, currently we can trace over 90% back to farm, in what is a complex supply chain. To reach this goal, we work in partnership with Sourcemap—a leading provider in supply chain transparency​

We also work with hazelnut farmers to develop and share innovative and sustainable farming practices. We have our own Agrifarms, located in Chile, Argentina, Georgia and Serbia, where we share good agricultural and social practices. One of the areas we focus on is demonstrating the benefits of regenerative agriculture - working with nature to deliver the best results, including building soil health and enhancing biodiversity.​

Our Ferrero Hazelnut Charter, developed together with Earthworm Foundation, a non-profit focused on positively improving value chains, sets out the commitments supporting our aim to be a driving force behind a hazelnut industry that creates value for all, including fostering a more equitable value chain for the people producing hazelnuts.  We have a number of ongoing initiatives committed to increasing child protection across our sourcing and to addressing root causes. We believe this requires systemic solutions in partnership with national and local authorities, relevant institutions and key stakeholders, that are effective and beneficial for all parties involved which is why we work through multistakeholder engagement and cross-industry collaboration and partnerships, including with the International Labour Organisation.​

Ferrero, Quality at heart.​

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