Ferrero makes donation after earthquakes

Updated in paragraph two to reflect details of the donation.

From the first day, our thoughts and deepest sympathies have been with the people of Türkiye and Syria affected by the devastating earthquakes in the region.

To support the needed rescue and relief efforts for the affected communities, Ferrero is organizing an initial donation of EUR1.2 million. This support will be channeled through Save the Children that is working around the clock to deliver lifesaving support and coordinate long-term recovery efforts for a disaster of this magnitude. The immediate assistance includes distributing food, temporary shelter items, essential emergency relief items, clean water and hygiene kits as well as providing psychosocial support to children and their caregivers. Subsequently, Save the Children will provide interventions to support recovery, with a particular focus on health, nutrition and education for children.

We will continue to monitor how the situation develops and consider how best to provide further support to the humanitarian relief efforts.