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Our commitment to deforestation-free palm oil

At Ferrero, we are committed to responsibly sourcing palm oil. The palm oil we use is RSPO Certified Segregated and traceable back to plantations.  We are also committed to playing a leading role in the sustainable transformation of the palm oil sector, to benefit the environment and the people living and working in the palm oil-producing communities we source from. ​

What is RSPO-certified palm oil?​

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certification is a set of environmental and social criteria companies must comply with which act as a guarantee that the palm oil is sustainably sourced. The RSPO criteria enforces sustainable practices in the cultivation of palm oil, and we are proud to say that the palm oil which we use in our Ferrero core products comes from a certified ‘segregated’ supply chain.  Segregated means that sustainable palm oil from certified sources is kept separately from non-sustainable palm oil, throughout the supply chain from the plantations through to our factories. ​

The 2024 WWF Palm Oil Buyers Scorecard, which evaluates global companies’ efforts on sustainable palm oil, has recognised Ferrero’s long standing commitment to sourcing and promoting sustainable palm oil. Ferrero is considered to be leading the way in sustainable palm oil, ranking 2nd out of 285 companies, with a score of 22.9/24. ​

We also use satellite monitoring as a powerful tool across all our sourcing areas to guarantee a deforestation-free supply chain.  We use Starling satellite monitoring – a service platform powered by Airbus. Starling uses a combination of satellite imagery and on-the-ground  expertise to monitor land cover change and forest cover disturbance.  It enables us to view land use changes, enhancing our ability to confirm the quality of our supply chain and enabling us to engage with our suppliers and take action if needed. ​

It’s these commitments that help us ensure the palm oil we use is responsibly sourced.​

Ferrero, Quality at heart.​

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